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How to get an Uber car with Cortana

You have probably heard of Uber by now. It's a transportation network company that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire in over 70 cities.

cancelling an uber ride | windows phone

Uber Launches On Windows Phone, Dozens Of Seattle Users Rejoice

Uber is pretty much everywhere these days, but until today, there was one place you couldn't find it, on Windows Phones. The four-year old startup has changed ...

How To Use The Uber App: Getting Started 2016

Here is my invite code v9fcbdufue. Hello guys here is a video on how to use the uber app. You can downloaded it on all app stores. Remember the difference in ...

| Viajes Gratis En Uber! | iOS, Android & Windows Phone | Uber_grat1s |

Usa Este Codigo Para Tus 2 Viajes Gratis En Uber: Uber_grat1s 1- Entra A La App (Selecciona la opcion ¨PROMOCIONES¨) 2-Ingresa El Codigo: Uber_grat1s ...

Uber (how to use it properly)

have problems to find drivers?

App installieren mit dem Windows Phone über Barcode

Der 2D QR Code Barcode kann für die Installation von Apps verwendet werden. Ich verwende hierfür einen Ausdruck des Panorama Prototyping von ...

Uber Racer for Windows Phone

The game is set in the future where mankind is burning its final resources. A few fearless warriors race for the last drops of oil. More Details: ...

'Uber Partner App

Joe Belfiore und Nick Parker von Microsoft sprechen über Windows Phone - MWC 2014

Auf dem MWC 2014 gab Microsoft einen Ausblick bezüglich der Zukunft von Windows Phone und neuer Hardware Partner. Eine schriftliche Zusammenfassung ...

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